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How Can Apply for the Blue Card?


Turkish citizens residing abroad may be deprived of many rights provided by the country they reside in if they do not have dual citizenship. To prevent this situation and protect the rights of Turkish citizens, the blue card application offers an important solution. The blue card is an official document used to protect many rights that Turkish citizens possess. Having knowledge about the blue card application is crucial for the protection of rights and prevention of grievances.

What is the Blue Card?

The blue card is an official document given to Turkish citizens residing abroad to enable them to exercise their rights. With the blue card, citizens can continue to benefit from most of the rights enjoyed by Turkish Republic citizens and some social security-related rights. Additionally, the blue card can be used as an official identification document, replacing the need for a national ID card. Citizens holding a blue card are not treated as foreigners in official matters.

Who Can Apply for the Blue Card?

Those eligible to apply for a blue card are individuals who are born as Turkish Republic citizens but are at risk of losing their Turkish citizenship due to obtaining permission to reside in another country, along with their descendants up to the third degree. To be eligible for a blue card, two important conditions must be met:

The person must have at least one parent who is a Turkish Republic citizen by birth. It is sufficient for only one parent to be a Turkish citizen to meet this requirement. They must obtain an exit permit from the Ministry of Interior. Individuals who lose Turkish citizenship due to reasons other than obtaining permission to reside in another country cannot apply for a blue card.


Blue card holders can reside in Turkey without any time restrictions and can benefit from many rights granted to Turkish citizens. However, blue card holders are deprived of certain rights, which include:

The right to vote and be elected The right to import vehicles and household goods with exemption The right to hold primary and permanent public service positions The obligation to fulfill military service

Application Process

To apply for a blue card, a written petition must be prepared, stating the request for the card and including a photograph of the applicant. Additionally, official documents certified by the relevant authorities indicating the applicant’s foreign citizenship should be submitted during the application process.

If the application is deemed lawful, a blue card will be issued and delivered to the applicant. The process can be carried out through population directorates in Turkey or Turkish missions abroad. Once the blue card is issued, the process is complete, and the descendants of the cardholder are registered in the registry of blue card holders.

Changes and Loss

Blue cards can be changed under certain circumstances. Requests for changes may be based on card loss, renewal, new registration, or birth, among others. Blue card holders are responsible for notifying the relevant authorities of such changes. There is no specific information in the law regarding the validity period of the blue card.

Children of Blue Card Holders

Children of blue card holders can also become blue card holders through applications made by their parents. In such cases, applications should be made using the legal procedures.

In conclusion, the blue card application is an important document that enables Turkish citizens living abroad to protect and exercise their rights. Blue card holders can reside in Turkey, enjoy many rights, and are subject to certain limitations. It is important to be cautious about the application process and what to do in case of card loss.

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